A Bittersweet Life

Attack on Titan 2015

Adolescence Medley

A Dirty Carnival

After Life

Angel Eyes Ep 1-6

Breaking Bad

Chungking Express

Cruel City

Fashion 70’s

Fated to love you

Friend Our Legend

Giới thiệu một số rom-com Hàn Quốc

Happy together


Heart to heart tập 1-8

Heart to heart tập 9-14

Heart to heart

Hello my teacher

Goodbye Solo

Golden Apple

I Saw The Devil

Kdrama Top Favorites

Kdrama Ratings

Love Marriage

My Husband’s Lover

My name is Kim SamSoon

My girlfriend is Gumiho

New World

Nice Guy Ep 1-2


Night Flight


Phim có Mario Maurer

Phim có Ha Jung Woo

Producer Ep 1-2

 Splash Splash Love

Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi

Sunny Happiness


Reply 1994

One Fine Spring Day

Old Boy

Oh My Ghost

Queen’s Classroom

Queen In Hyun’s Man Ep 1-8

Queen In Hyun’s Man 

Tôi Thấy Hoa Vàng Trên Cỏ Xanh

The Monster Killer

The Crucible

Thank You

Thượng Ẩn Tập 1-8 End Review

The Vineyard Man

Two Fathers

What’s up fox

Wild Romance

Wish Upon a Star

Review ngắn: My Tutor Friend, Blind, Mr Idol, Cart

Review ngắn: The Suspect – A Girl At My Door – Queen Of The Night – Thread of lies

Review ngắn: Hearty Paws – Family Ties – Secret Sunshine – The Host

Review ngắn:  Gangnam Blue – A Hard Day – Night Flight – The Divine Move


1 thought on “Reviews

  1. Trong danh sach phim ban review, co vai bo phim ma minh co le kg bao gio quen dc. CC, FOL. Minh cung co thoi quen tim phim qua dien vien minh yeu thich. Vi muon xem tiep guong mat do. Minh cung co nhung suy nghi nhu ban vay. Nhu suy nghi ve phim Han, roi lai miet mai xem. Roi bi am anh voi noi buon. Lam sao thoat ra. Minh cung kg hieu vi sao phim hay, tinh te nhu vay, sau sac va dau den vay ma rating lai thap… Ban xem Late autumn chua? Minh con nhieu dieu muon hoi ban vi nhung dieu ban viet rat giong mot so suy nghi of minh. Facebook of ban la gi? Minh kg biet comment nay co den ban kg?

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